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Please refer to this page for questions regarding accommodation and services.

​・Can I specify a room?

You cannot specify the shape of rooms or floors.
The facilities for each twin room are the same for each room, and there is almost no difference in size.

・Can I specify adjacent rooms?
​Please tell us in advance.We will arrange for you if it is possible.
・Regarding advance payment.

​Basically, advance payment is introduced for accommodation reservations.

・What time is Check-in ?

Check-in is at 15:00 and check-out is at 10:00.

・Can I check-in before 15:00?

Luggage such as suitcases and skis can be stored.

​If you want to use the room before 15:00, an additional charge of 1,100 yen/h will be charged.

・What time is latest check-in time?

18:00.If you are arriving late or after 21:00, please let us know and we will be waiting for your arrival.

If you arrive without contacting us, it will take some time for check-in. Or, please understand that the reservation may be invalidated according to our cancellation policy.

​・What kind of room amenities are provided?

Bath towels, face towels, and hand towels are provided.
​Toothbrushes, combs, cotton pads, cotton swabs, and razors can be purchased, and rental room wear is available for an additional fee.

​・About parking .

There are 6-7 free parking spaces on the premises of the hotel.
If you come by bicycle, we will keep it in the hotel.

・Do you do any transport service?

​Depending on the time and when your stay is.

・Where can I send my luggage?

You can send luggage in advance.
Information: date of stay, reservation name

9-5 Kitanomine-cho, Furano-shi, Hokkaido
​(Phone number 090-5958-0348)

​・Room fasilities.

​ TV, refrigerator, kettle, cup, hanger, dryer, tea

·What time is breakfast?

From 7:00.

​You can choose the time from 7:00, 7:30, 8:00.
​In case of early departure, please let us know in advence

・Can I add breakfast on the same day?

​Please inquire at check-in.

・What time is dinner?

From 18:30.

​You can choose the time from 18:30, 19:00, and 19:30. 

・Do you cater for people with allergies?

​We will accommodate requests up to 3 days before your stay.

・Can I take the food from the AIR's restaurant to my room?

Yes but not a corse menu.

・Can I add dinner on the same day?

You cannot add a dinner course on the same day, but we can may serve somea la carte menu.
​Dinner must be reserved in advance from the booking syste.

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