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Please let us know what you look after.

All sorts of winter activities are available in Furano.

Spring AIR

Furano spring starts from the end of March

When the snow gradually melts and small vegetation sprouts

The climate is often stable, so you can walk in the park in a relaxed mood.

It is also recommended to take a leisurely stroll along the quiet back road by bicycle.

Remaining snow of Tokachidake Federation

​ You can see both of the cherry blossoms only at this time.

Very quiet... will help you get the job done


April where you can ski and cycle


​1. 4 minutes walk from AIR to Asahigaoka  Park

2. See the cherry blossoms and the remaining snow in the University of Tokyo Experimental Forest

3. Eat fresh strawberry

4. AM ski,PM cycling

5. Walk along the Sorachi River

6. Take a free boat at Torinuma Park

Lavender is best from mid-June to mid-July​.

Flower field or Blue pond?or both.

​ Summer AIR

​ After sightseeing, toast at AIR 

Offering fresh summer vegetables purchased directly from farmers for the restaurant.

Sweet melon, corn, asparagus, herbs,,

Go around and explore with an AIR rental bicycle.

​ Take a break at the cafe for lunch ...

1. Get up early and go for quiet flower fields

2. Run 10km for reflesh

3. Meditation in the lavender field

4. Study some flower names

5. Eat & Drink from 12 o'clock

6. Visit several  ice cream shops


Autumn AIR

It will be quiet again,  long ride will be recommemded.

Stars are beautiful

It may be good to appreciate the starry sky ♡

When you back to AIR, have a warm bath

​Read a book, maybe a wine before sleep ...?


1. Visiting spring water spots

2. Travel, one book. And read and read 

3. Feel the autumn dusk while riding a bicycle

4. Enjoy cheese and wine at AIR

5. Write a letter to your family and friend

6. Tokachidake day trip hot spring and see the autumn leaves

How about to stay with us little longer? Long stay are always welcome.

Use AIR like home,

Please go to various ski resorts.

​ Winter AIR

Every day powder snow

Light snow that makes you forget you are on the snow

Enjoy winter sports

​all day long

Take a bath and get refreshed.

​Chillax at the bar.


1. Go for first ride on slope

2. Get a massage on long-term holidays

3. Go to Biei for winter sightseeing

4. Challenge winter running to make your body warm

5. Experience Apreski at AIR

​6. Go to some local ski resort to explore more 

AIR is a small hotel with only 6 rooms.

We will provide you with a cozy atmosphere.

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